America’s problems

As Americans, we know the United States of America is the land of freedom and opportunity. We face many obstacles, but we have the ability to work together to solve our nation’s problems. As a paramedic, I am on the front lines and I see first-hand what people are going through. Unlike our current politicians, I have been there for you in your time of need.

It is time to turn things around. It is time to actually limit the size of government and not just talk about it. It is time to create jobs and promote a business friendly environment that is ready to hire hard working people. It is time to follow the Constitution all of the time, not just when it is convenient. It is time to restore trust.

The U.S. Constitution

The United States Constitution limits the power of the federal government, but our current politicians have ignored the Constitution and have allowed the government to grow exponentially. I want the government out of our lives, and I will promote a culture of limited government in Washington D.C. I will also debate and expose any candidate or current politician who does not abide by the Constitution.

Economy and Taxes

I propose a 20% across the board cut to all federal programs. Scare tactics have been used in the past when it comes to across the board cuts. Department heads scream that they will not be able to provide services and some elected officials cry that the other party is hurting Americans. The truth is that in the past, department heads facing budget cuts have cut wasteful spending, not services or jobs.


We are a country full of hard working people. Our tax dollars are being wasted by the federal government and our politicians are not doing anything about it. I am for a fairer, flatter tax system. We all know that our tax system is to too complex and no one can completely understand it. I believe that everyone should be paying their fair share of taxes. The tax burden should not be placed on the rich or the poor. We should simplify the tax code and turn it into a respectable, trusted system where the citizens feel their tax bill is fair and that their money is not being wasted.

Our current career politicians are not going to address our tax system because they benefit from it. They accept large donations from special interest groups and large corporations who demand a tax break. Let me be clear, I do not think that corporations and businesses should be overtaxed, but they should pay a reasonable rate that is fair. If we work together to create a tax system that is fair and friendly to all citizens and businesses, then we can begin to make progress. But we will never get there with the status quo.


I think the U.S. Department of Education should be eliminated or decreased significantly. I do not believe that elected officials and bureaucrats in D.C. should be making decisions when it comes to educating the children of Oklahoma. I want the focus to be placed on the relationship between the child, the parent, and the teacher. Teachers must be allowed to teach the best way they know how. I am aware that standards should be placed on schools, but individual states need more of the power when it comes to education. I have had the privilege to meet hundreds of Oklahoma teachers while campaigning. The number one thing I hear the most from the teachers is that they want to be able to TEACH, not stress and spend time worrying about certain test scores and federal regulations. We must also focus more on involving the parents. Teachers often get the blame, but the parents are ultimately responsible for education their children.

Second Amendment

I do not believe the federal government should be involved in gun control. I know it is easy to blame a gun for a violent act, but the fact is there will always be someone who uses a weapon to harm other citizens. Most gun owners are law abiding citizens. I do believe that it is reasonable to do a background check to look for any past felony convictions involving a gun, but we must remember that the United States Constitution must be followed and the Second Amendment protects our rights to own guns.

Sign the Pledge – Our Broken Political System

I, Jason Weger, created and signed the pledge below. If you agree with the pledge, please ask my fellow candidates to sign it and make it public.

As a U.S. Senator, I do not believe that I deserve a base salary of over $174,000 a year. If I am elected to the United States Senate, I will only accept a salary of $44,000, which is the median income in Oklahoma. I will put the salary that I am not accepting back into an Oklahoma program in need, or put it towards the national debt.

I am not a career politician. I will limit myself to (2) terms in the United States Senate.

I believe there is too much money involved in elections and I understand that elections are frequently “bought.” I will accept no more than $50,000 in contributions during the election cycle. I will not accept large donations from special interest groups and I will not allow a Political Action Committee to raise money for my campaign.

I will follow the United States Constitution and I pledge to do everything I can to put the power back in the hands of the American people.

Candidate Signature

Health Care

I am the only candidate that actually works in health care, so I completely understand how complicated the system is. I also understand how important health care is to the American people. I do not like it when the federal government takes over any program, but for decades neither party took action and our health care system slowly declined. I believe that individual states should have most of the control of health care delivery because I do not have faith in the federal government. As a Republican, I am shunned by my party when I say that I am glad that people with pre-existing conditions are now being covered. There are a few good things in the ACA, but we need to focus on taking back some of the control from the federal government and allow the states to work with insurance companies to provide health insurance.

The ACA and current Republican plans do not address one of the biggest issues we face: misuse and abuse of the system. I will propose legislation that will decrease the amount of people that are taking advantage of the health care system and not paying into the system. I will also propose legislation that allows states to work closely with all insurance companies in order to provide adequate plans at reasonable rates. We missed this opportunity in the past. Insurance companies did not do the right thing because they were allowed free reign in health care policies. We need the states and insurance companies to work closely together to make sure we are getting the coverage we need at an affordable price.


We must strictly enforce our current immigration laws. I recognize that we are a country of many cultures and a nation of immigrants, but we currently have an estimated 11 million people in this country that we have no record of. I am for a strong border and I believe we can do a much better job providing security at our borders. We need to ensure the security agents at our borders have all of the resources they need, including manpower, safety resources and technology. We have a system in place to gain citizenship legally, and people who want to come to the United states should follow the law.

The Role of Government

The federal government should focus on protecting our country, administering justice and respecting our tax dollars by spending them on projects or programs that benefit the public as a whole. Our politicians should not be involved in legislating based on their personal or religious views.

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