My Story About Mold Removal In My Milan, Italy Apartment

mold removalI mentioned before how we moved to a new home in Milan, Italy. Well, the mold was a giant problem in my apartment a year or so ago here in. It was so bad that I was having respiratory problems and wasn’t really able to be comfortable for very long when I was at home. Luckily, I got someone to help me with mold removal and it hasn’t been a problem since.

One day I noticed that there was this mold growth in my kitchen because I had a picture hanging that I needed to remove to clean it. Behind that picture was a lot of mold, and I got curious as to where the trail lead since it obviously wasn’t just in that section of my kitchen. I got a ladder and started looking around at high points I couldn’t otherwise see, and I noticed it was all over the place. Since I had recently been having allergy problems, I figured this was why it only was a problem at home.

Having mold in my apartment made me a little angry because I kept good care of everything and there wasn’t any problem. It turned out that there was someone living above me that let the floor in their kitchen get really wet and the mold appeared under their floor which was my ceiling. I let my landlord know and they said that they would take care of it later. I looked into the laws in my area, and I was able to get the mold testing and removal work done by sending them a letter about it and getting one back indicating they wouldn’t take care of it first.

Once I had the ability to hire someone myself, I didn’t want to be charged too much. My landlord

rimozione muffe milano
After the “rimozzione” company did its job

was going to have to pay me back for this and I didn’t want them to be surprised with a huge bill. I called around to about 5 places that did mold removal in the area and found a Milano company with a lot of positive reviews that offered a lower price than most. It worked out well for me because they were able to come out quickly.

I had the mold get tested during the removal process to see if it was dangerous. It was a kind that was known to cause lung problems and so I told my doctor and they helped me to get on something that would take care of my symptoms and deal with any residual mold that may have mad its was into my system. Then I made sure to let my neighbor upstairs know that the water they were letting get onto the ground was doing this to me and thankfully they listened and have been more cautious.

I suggest that if anyone in Milan, Italy has mold problems, they get removal help like I did. It’s important that you run the problem by your landlord. If they don’t do anything to help, then you can use my advice and have them pay you back